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G.M.S Tutoring No 12371324L

G.M.S. Tutoring
Dr Gerard Finette
7 Sinclair Court
Hampton Park
Vic 3976

Tel:  03 9799 0534
Fax:  03 9799 0534
Mob:  0413 810 771

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Your kids deserve every support you can give them.

Give them the winning edge by enlisting the help of Dr Gerard Finette for private tutoring.

1990-1996 Biochemistry Tutor at Monash University.

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His tutoring expertise in Maths, Chemistry, Physics, French
and Biology for both Primary and Secondary Students will
provide that extra support when they need it most.

Supplementary online homework tutoring support can also
be given by either fax or internet.

Contact him now for further "no obligation details".

Telephone : 03 9799 0534 0r Mobile: 0413 810 771

Qualifications of Dr Gerard Finette:      

Doctor in Philosophy from Monash University Australia.

Master preliminary in Science from Monash University, Australia.

Master in science from Claude Bernard University, France.

Bachelor in science from Claude Bernard University, France.

Diploma in science ( D.E.U.G) from Claude Bernard University, France.

Higher School Certificate from College St Esprit (Mauritius)

Papers Published by Dr Gerard Finette

"Value adding tutorial that will
give him / her the winning edge"
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