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Expand your
Marketing Horizon


Ten Steps to Expand Your Marketing Horizon Overnight
(Follow our guide to commission, build, improve and market your web site)

  • Set a Budget
    You can establish a budget and build a site for as little as $500. A small well marketed site can bring in as much business as an expensive site with little marketing. Overall, a reasonable site can be established for approximately $1000.
    However, you need to budget a site maintenance allocation or allocate resources to keep the site current. An inactive site is a dead site with no repeat visits. Your maintenance budget will vary depending upon your marketing goals.
  • Pick an Internal Internet Team Leader
    It is important that you appoint or enlist the help of an inhouse "Champion" to drive the process. This person will be the main driving force for your Internet site establishment project and will make sure that the site is kept "alive" and regularly updated.
  • Decide Upon the Purpose of Your Web Site
    As with everything else, a web site with no specific purpose will lead you to nowhere. Identify your objectives and make sure that the web page is designed to achieve what it was set out to do. A well designed site aligned with your business aims will work well in your chosen direction.
  • Establish a Level of Interaction with Your Clients and Visitors to the Web Site
    Clients and visitors will only rapidly interact with yourselves if you make it easy for them to do so. Done properly, site interaction facilities will rapidly build up an Internet based network that you could have never imagined possible until only a few years ago. This mode of marketing is the most cost competitive of its kind at present.
  • Establish Your Audience
    It is important that you identify who your audience is or will be. This is extremely important so that the site can be designed to maximise its penetration of the identified audience and market.
  • Choose the Content
    Visitors to your site will only stay at your site if they can derive something from it. This leads to content. A site with no contents relevant to your audience will not generate repeat visits, or for that matter any visits at all. Expanding your capture of visitors by the provision of related support information can generate an enormous volume of visitors. Good contents relevant to your visitors' needs will make them stay at your site and generate repeat visits.
  • Get an Email System
    You will need to establish an email system so that your clients and visitors can directly contact the persons within your organisation who can immediately respond to inquiries and other clients' requests. This email system will be your main and instantaneous link with the outside world.
  • Design Time
    A good site will require you to allocate resources to this task. Almost anyone familiar with computers can set up a web page. However, it takes expertise and experience to build up a web site that works. A web site will only work well if serious consideration has been given to all aspects of web page design, including download times, graphics design, HTML key wording to allow web search engines to find your pages, registration with the principal search engines, establishment of reciprocal links, formatting of web pages for easy download by a wide range of monitors and browsers. A badly designed web page will not attract site visits, if you generate any visits at all. Allocate serious time and resources to your web page design process.
  • Promote Your Site
    You have to ensure that people know about your web site. Start by putting your web page address and email on all your stationery and advertising. Make sure that you are listed with all the main Internet Search Engines. This needs to be done in a systematic and organised manner to maximise your exposure on the world wide web.
  • Keep Your Site Current
    As already mentioned before, keep your site current and the contents relevant. An inactive site is a dead site. Renew and refresh your pages to bring more visitors to your web site. You will need to allocate resources to this renewal process.

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So what's your next step ?

If you do not have the necessary expertise and resources inhouse, contact Philippe OnLine and we will advise you as to how we can best assist you.

Even if you have already established a web site and it is not delivering what it set out to do, we can assess your site and outline how best it can be improved, redesigned or managed to achieve your desired outcomes.

Contact us now for a no-obligation quote.

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